José Manuel León (Algeciras, Cádiz)

Musician and producer

Was born in Algeciras and started playing the guitar at the age of thirteen by his father ́s hand, professional guitar player, been the flamenco ́s enviroment of the area the reason of his debut 3 years later, in 1995 with different flamenco groups all around Andalucia.

He worked with such a great artists like José el Francés, Niña Pastori, Alejandro Sánz (El tren de los momentos),Pastora Soler, Miguel Angel Rodríguez, Queco, etc.

In Teatro Real of Madrid performed with International flamenco artists like Gerardo Núñez and Cármen Linares in the opening of the work “Un ramito de locura”. Also with other flamenco artists like Rafael Estévez, Nani Paños, Joaquín Grilo, La Moneta.

He played on the famous filmaker Carlos Saura film “Iberia”, based on the figure of Albéniz, again beside Gerardo Núñez.

He published and produced by himself and the musician Pablo Martín, his first guitar album called “Sirimusa” in 2006, ganing the award of “best flamenco artist” in the Flamenco ́s Critic National Awards this year. The work openned in the Flamenco ́s Bienale of Sevilla in 2006.

During the next season he did colaborations with different artist like Cámen Linares and Encarna Anillo y several foros as 2007 Jerez Festival or Málaga in Flamenco 2007, making concerts in places like Brasil. After introducing “Sirimusa” in 2008 Jeréz Festival, kept playing with Cármen Linares the hole year, while setted up a new proyect where meet Flamenco and Jazz, rounded again of great musician like Kike Perdomo, Martín Leiton y Borja Barrueta. He also worked in a cinema proyect this year.

After that made the electronical version of “Sirimusa” with the experimental musician Artomatico. His latest socio cultural proyect Mujer_Klórica just openned, leaded by the flamenco singer Alicia Carrasco and special guests Like Carmen Linares, Tomasito, Leonor Leal, Diego Carrasco and also jazz musicians like Jerry González, Kike Perdomo, Martín Leiton o Borja Barrueta.

At the moment working on his second single album (gO2).